Welcome to the Solvice API! You can use our API to access Solvice API endpoints, which can get information on your solved jobs, their statuses and of course post new solve jobs.


first of all, get your account through our Dashboard and create an API key.

The dashboard will allow you to see your past requests and current usage of the Solver API.


Add a HTTP header with your API key:

Authorization: <<apiKey>>


The Solvice API is super simple! Basically, it holds one /solve endpoint for sending an asynchronous solve request to for a certain optimization problem and it holds one /jobs/:job_id/solution endpoint for retrieving the solved job asynchronous. That's it! The only thing you have to manage is the actual payload for the solve request.

https api.solvice.io/demo/fill Authorization:<<apiKey>> | https api.solvice.io/v1/solve Authorization:<<apiKey>>
curl https://demo:[email protected]/demo/vrp | \
curl https://demo:[email protected]/v1/solve  \
     -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d @-

Common usage of the Solvice API follows this flow:

  1. Post solve request for x seconds with HTTP param ?seconds=x
  2. Wait x seconds
  3. Fetch status of job
  4. Fetch solution if status=SOLVED in solution endpoint
  5. Fetch statistics if !score.feasible in statistics endpoint