These docs are for v1.1. Click to read the latest docs for v2.0.

OnPick Overview

An overview of the OnPick API

OnPick is the solver engine for warehouse batching and picking problems of the Solvice optimisation platform.
With batching the goal is to arrange large quantities of items to pick in groups that can be tackled given the warehouse working capacity. A typical warehouse picking problem instead, has the goal of assigning to each picker (a warehouse worker whose task is to pick items in the warehouse) the best picklist (the list of items the picker has to pick) and route (the path trough the warehouse) so that the total travel time is minimised. OnPick allows the creation of optimal item picking routes considering travel time, route congestion as well as order batching for an heterogenous team of pickers.

The Solvice Picking Optimisation API consists of the following services: