These docs are for v1.1. Click to read the latest docs for v2.0.


Send your optimisation problem, we will provide the solution in seconds.

Sending a solve request

For every solver, you can send the payload to the solve endpoint in order to start the optimisation process.

Check out the Routing section in the API Reference for solving OnRoute problems.
Check out the Scheduling section in the API Reference for solving OnShift problems.
Check out the Batch, Pick and Route sections in the API Reference for solving OnPick problems.
Check out the Inventory placement section in the API Reference for solving OnStock problems.


Demo requests

Not sure how to build a solve request up through the reference tool? We got you covered with our /demo endpoint. The response will contain a demo request, which can be posted just like any other request. A list of solvertypes is offered below.



Solver Tag
Single Day Vehicle Routing vrp
Pickup and Delivery Routing pdp
Long Term Routing pvrp


Solver Tag
Shift shift
Fill fill
Create create
Task task

Inventory placement

Solver Tag
Base stock stock/base
RQ stock stock/rq

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